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Nomad Combo Rack

Original price KD1,199.000 - Original price KD1,199.000
Original price
KD1,199.000 - KD1,199.000
Current price KD1,199.000

The Nomad Combo Rack, made in Kuwait, features a stable base and two adjustable stainless steel uprights. It comes with safety spotter arms, a removable bench with a thick pad, and spotter decks.

The rack adjusts quickly for different athlete heights. The J-cups move up and down using a lever system, with height marked on the uprights. It's made of strong stainless steel, including the lever arms and the four pins for setting the upright height. These pins can be stored in the rack.

The uprights of the Nomad Combo Rack can be set straight or tilted inwards by 5 degrees, useful for larger athletes doing squats.

  • Made to order (8 Weeks lead time).
  • IPF competition specs.